What Happens If You Have Sex in Space?

Many of us will have pondered the question at one time or another about what happens if you have sex in space? Will you drift off into the ceiling mid-act? Or, will it even be possible to get close and personal when one force is counteracting another? With long-term plans for colonization and lunar settlements by NASA, there has to be a way or at least a will. After all, the conquest of another planet depends on our ability to procreate.

What Happens When You Have Sex in Space?

The very thought of knowing what happens if you have sex in space is unusual. Newton’s Third Law has a lot to say on the matter, not only on the challenges of a weightless environment but how ineffective the process would be. Newton’s Third Law states that if you and your lover remain connected, your motions will counteract each other – thus not being able to have traditional sex at all. Unless, of course, another object that’s unattached comes into play, changing the velocity.

If given the opportunity to have group sex in space, you may also find that there are various obstacles in your way. The weightless environment not only proves troublesome for velocity but collisions and clashes with other objects. Essentially, what happens when you have sex is a lot of challenges. As a result, conception and pregnancy in space is something that requires fine-tuning before we even look at colonizing other planets.

What Happened During Research?

Knowing what happens if you have sex in space is not something that people only search out of curiosity, it’s also a valid question that scientists are looking to answer. The 2009 colonization program put it to the forefront of researchers’ minds, validating it as a concern that could hold back the human race if we moved our population into outer space.

What scientists came to realize as that gravity is the biggest problem. All of us have been conceived under the influence of the Earth’s gravitational field called 1g. Therefore, no one knows whether growth, fertilization, reproduction, pregnancy, birth, or even the maturing process are affected by a change to a weightless environment. Gravity plays a significant role in all these processes, so research into extra-terrestrial environments for reproduction is the topic of much research.

Scientists decided the best way to approach the situation was to include rats and mice in studies. Rat embryos were fertilized in microgravity, with fetuses growing and developing correctly when exposed to gravity. However, rats that were brought up in microgravity were not able to form properly. When mice were involved, the same would occur. However, scientists also found that fertilization rates were far lower in embryos that were fertilized in microgravity.

Out of that research, the scientists discovered that at least in the rodent world, developing a healthy fetus is not possible in microgravity.

Is There A Way to Work Around the Problems?

If you weren’t about to let the challenges of zero gravity affect your chances of having porn sex, then you will no doubt find the 2Suit to be a “must have” in your suitcase. The 2Suit is a suit that helps couples have sex in weightless environments without the challenges of obstacles and counteractive forces. Invented by author Vanna Bonta, the suit first hit the History Channel in 2008 on an episode about reproduction beyond Earth.

The suit makes what would typically be challenging or near-on impossible, into a task that’s entirely achievable. Both people wear the suit which features a front flap and velcro strips. You can then attach the suits together, fastening them in place. They feature inner harnesses to connect to either suit, as well as a function for quick disrobing that doesn’t affect the 2Suit. Instead, the harnesses keep both people in place, while adhering to a solid surface as well.

Science says having sex in space is challenging and nearly impossible. However, as a human race, we don’t take no for an answer. Therefore, with technological advancements and garments such as 2Suits, it’s only a matter of time before it’s commonplace and no longer as difficult as people expect it to be.