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A Brief History of Space Exploration

For centuries we have dreamt of jetting off into the stars to explore the vast unknown that is space. As long as we have gazed up at the solar system and galaxies, we have imagined visiting these far-off celestial bodies and seeing if life exists elsewhere in the universe. Space exploration continues to evolve and in the last 70 years, mankind has made some truly monumental leaps to uncover the secrets of life outside our own planet. This article Continue reading

The Best Space Camps in the World

Attending a Space Camp can be a truly life-changing experience for children and young adults. If your child has an interest in space exploration or progressing into a career in this industry then a space camp adventure is an absolute must! Space Camps are usually held at actual working space stations and give young adults first-hand experience of what it is like to travel in space and work in this type of environment. Space Camps promote knowledge and learning but are also fantastic places for your children to learn important life skills such as Continue reading

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