Attending a Space Camp can be a truly life-changing experience for children and young adults. If your child has an interest in space exploration or progressing into a career in this industry then a space camp adventure is an absolute must! Space Camps are usually held at actual working space stations and give young adults first-hand experience of what it is like to travel in space and work in this type of environment. Space Camps promote knowledge and learning but are also fantastic places for your children to learn important life skills such as teamwork and also to build their confidence. The following are four of the best space camps in the world:

European Space Camp – Andøya Space Center

This is the oldest and most renowned space camp in Europe and has been running since 1996. Located in northern Norway, the Andoya Space Center is a true marvel and has some excellent facilities including a launch bay and a myriad of laboratories. The camp itself provides students with a chance to listen to lectures on subjects such as Rocket Physics and the Northern Lights, and gain knowledge from reputable figures in the industry.

USA Space Camp – U.S Space & Rocket Center, Huntsville

Aside from the Kennedy Space Camp, the USA Space Camp is another world-renowned institution that is held annually in Huntsville. This camp runs for 6 days and includes a closing graduation ceremony too. During the camp, students will learn about the ISS space station, launch their own model rocket, compete in a variety of challenges and even perform simulated space missions in realistic 3D simulators. Finally, students will even undergo space training and get to test their resistance on a 1/6th Gravity Chair!

Space Camp Turkey – Aegean Free Zone, Izmir

Space Camp Turkey features a myriad of different programs including Semester Space Explorers (9-15-year-olds), Outer Space Adventure (9-15-year-olds) and the Family Space Camp (7-11-year-olds). Each camp consists of a range of activities including some cool and educational 3D simulations, Virtual Reality adventures and the construction of your own rocket. Furthermore, students will look at space suits, delve into our solar system, and complete various activities aimed at improving teamwork and problem-solving skills.

Camp Kennedy Space Center – Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

Camp Kennedy is undoubtedly the most renowned space center in the world. The Kennedy Space Camp is legendary and for those living in North America is certainly one of the best camps available. This camp lasts for one week and attendees will get the chance to look at the habitation of Mars, simulate spacewalking, send data to real NASA scientists in a botany lab and also look at space engineering. The facilities here are exceptional and the camp is open to students entering grades 2-11.

These Space Camps represent the best our world has to offer and your child is guaranteed the experience of a lifetime at any one of these establishments.